The camera captures a wide shot of the ARCO station.

Cut to the interior of the car with Hanna, the friendly hula girl, standing on the dashboard.

HANNA: Hiya! Hanna here at ARCO. You've heard of mood rings. Check out my mood skirt.

Cut to a close-up of her skirt changing colors like a mood ring.

HANNA: And now that ARCO accepts credit cards, I can pay whatever way I'm in the mood for to get incredible value.

Cut to a medium close-up shot of Hanna.

HANNA: And I'm always saving money on quality gas, no matter how I pay.

The camera gets a full shot of Hanna as the skirt turns green.

HANNA: Looks like it's going to be a cash day.

Her skirt changes to a pink-purple color.

HANNA: Spoke too soon. Debit.

Cut to her skirt changing color again. This time it's blue.

HANNA: I mean credit.

Close-up shot of Hanna as her skirt keeps changing colors.

HANNA: Hey, make up your mind, skirt.

Cut to a medium close-up shot of Hanna. The camera captures the driver tapping her credit card to pay for gas.

HANNA: Credit it is.

Cut to gray screen with ARCO logo.

VO: ARCO. Quality TOP TIER™ gas for less. Now accepting credit cards.

On-screen text displays: