Yes Men Rewards

The camera captures a wide shot of the ARCO station. Friendly instrumental music plays in the background. 

Cut to the inside of a car with Hanna, the friendly dashboard hula girl, standing next to her bobblehead friends.  

HANNA: Hanna, here, with a few friends, to answer some questions about ARCO. 

The camera moves to a close-up shot of Hanna when she asks her first question.  

HANNA: Like, “Does ARCO quality TOP TIER™ gas improve engine performance?” 

Cut to a close-up shot of the flower bobblehead nodding “yes.” 

Then the camera cuts to a medium-wide shot of all the bobbleheads nodding along as Hanna talks. There’s the sound of metal springs and squeaks as the bobbleheads move. 

HANNA: And keep your engine clean? 

Cut to close-up shots of the tiki, robot, and astronaut bobbleheads nodding along.  

HANNA: So it can run at its best? 

Cut to a medium shot of Hanna.  

HANNA: While optimizing fuel economy? 

More metallic spring and creaking sounds can be heard as the camera cuts to a close-up shot of the cat Bobblehead, who utters a “meow.”  

Then it cuts to a wide shot of all the bobbleheads nodding on the dashboard.  

Cut to a close-up of Hanna.  

HANNA: And help you with your hula skills? 

The camera cuts in to a close-up of the cat bobblehead as the music stops, replaced with a jarring “boing” sound effect and the cow bobblehead “mooing” in protest.  

The bobbleheads all shake their heads “no.” 

Cut to a medium close-up of Hanna. 

HANNA: Just making sure you’re paying attention. 

Cut back to a wide shot of Hanna and her bobblehead friends on the dashboard, all nodding in unison.  

HANNA: Come to ARCO and say “yes” to quality gas. 

Cut to gray screen with ARCO logo. 

VO: ARCO. Quality TOP TIER™ gas for less. Now with Rewards. 

On-screen text displays: