Piggy Rewards $7/7c

The camera captures a wide shot of the ARCO station.   

Cut to the inside of a car with Hanna, the friendly hula girl, standing on the dashboard next to Piggy, the piggy bank. She holds a mallet.  

Cut to a close-up of Hanna with the mallet. 

HANNA: Hiya! It’s Hanna. Here to hammer home how much you can save with ARCO Rewards.  

Cut to a full shot of Hanna and Piggy on the dashboard as the camera slowly zooms in. 

HANNA: Earn up to seven dollars in rewards at sign-up... 

On-screen text displays: Offer valid until August 31, 2024. 

HANNA: …and seven cents on every gallon. 

Cut to a close-up shot of the mallet in the background as Piggy waits in the foreground. 

HANNA: How much have we saved? Let’s find out. 

Cut to an extreme close-up shot of Piggy, who looks pretty worried.  

A feeling of suspense grows as the camera zooms in on Piggy, then Hanna, then the mallet. The screen goes black with the sound of loose change cascading across the dashboard.   

Cut to a full shot of Piggy oinking in surprise with piles of coins at his feet.  

Cut to a medium shot of Hanna with the mallet.  

HANNA: You didn’t think I was going to… There’s a stopper on the bottom. 

Cut to a wide shot of Hanna and Piggy on the dashboard, surrounded by money. Piggy is still intact and smiling. 

Cut to a close-up of Hanna.  

HANNA: Oh, Piggy, with ARCO Rewards you never have to break the bank. 

Cut to a gray screen with the ARCO logo. 

VO: ARCO quality TOP TIERTM gas for less. Now with Rewards. 

On-screen text displays: