ARCO is proud to introduce renewable diesel!

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What is ARCO
renewable diesel?

ARCO renewable diesel is a fully renewable diesel fuel made from chemically processed vegetable oils, like corn and soybean, and animal fats. It's better for the environment, and because it's chemically similar to regular diesel, renewable diesel can be blended with petroleum diesel without causing any performance issues or requiring messy engine modifications.

Why fill up with renewable diesel?

Renewable diesel is a step up from regular diesel fuel—not only because of its environmental benefits, but because it also improves engine performance while maintaining the same quality and value as petroleum diesel. Here's how:
  • Fully Renewable:

    Unlike petroleum diesel, renewable diesel is exactly what it sounds like—a fully renewable fuel. When compared with petroleum diesel, it reduces emissions and has a 35%–47% lower carbon intensity than petroleum diesel.
  • Improved Performance:

    Renewable diesel has a higher cetane number than regular diesel, which enhances engine efficiency while providing an overall better fuel-burning value.
  • Quality You Can Trust:

    No quality is lost when you use renewable diesel fuel. In fact, it meets the same specifications and requirements as petroleum diesel, and the two can be blended together without modification to the engine or its fuel system.

Is renewable diesel safe for my engine?

Of course! Renewable diesel is chemically similar to petroleum diesel, making it safe for all diesel vehicles. It delivers enhanced benefits either as a stand-alone fuel or for easy blending with petroleum diesel, so go ahead and fill up with renewable diesel worry-free!

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